They say that 80% of losing weight and being healthy is your diet.  And it’s true!  But eating clean and healthy doesn’t have to be boring!  On this page, I share recipes I use that I consider clean and healthy (and delicious).  Many of them come straight from the mind of my loving husband, who is a wonderful cook, and a bit adventurous in the kitchen (so it’s hard to pin him down to write out a recipe for his concoctions, but I’ve given it my best shot).

For every recipe, you will find the number of servings, along with the number of Portion Fix containers each serving uses (for those of you following the Portion Fix or 21 Day Fix nutrition plans – don’t know what that is?  Don’t worry! It’ll be a subject of another post in my Nutrition section)

Click the HERE to read our post on 21 Day Fix Cilantro Chicken and Rice or click the link below.

21 Day Fix Cilantro Chicken and Rice






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