Book Reviews

Health is not just exercising and nutrition.  It includes your mental health.  I am an avid reader, and use reading to escape from the stresses from my job, being a mom of three, and just general every day life.  I use reading to decompress after a full day.  In fact, more often than not, I’ll take a book to bed with me and fall asleep with it still in my hands.  I  love escaping into other worlds and realities.

I read mostly fiction – historical fiction, romance, chick lit, thrillers, mysteries, really anything.  I also read non-fiction occasionally in the form of biographies, autobiographies or topics that interest me.  And I’ve begun reading more personal development, which has become a new favorite genre.

I read about 75 books a year, and I review every single one of them on

I’d love to hear your recommendations for more books to read.  And if you want to discuss some of the books I’ve read, let me know!  One of the things I love about reading is discussing the books with YOU!

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