Beachbody Coach Commission – How do you Make Money as a Beachbody Coach?

If you are considering becoming a Beachbody coach, one of your main questions is probably how do you make money as a coach? There are several different ways to earn an income as a coach, and I’m going to post several articles here about what those are.  This article will cover the simplest way to earn money: commissions.  This is the very first way you will earn money as a coach, since there are no requirements when earning money through commissions: you don’t have to have Active Status (more on that in a future post), you don’t have to hold a certain rank (more on that, too), you simply have to have signed up to be a coach.  Commissions will be the main way you earn money as a coach when you begin your journey.

In general, as a coach, you get a 25% discount on anything you purchase on the Beachbody website through your coach account.  You also EARN 25% commission off of anything that is purchased from your personal Beachbody website.  Pretty straightforward right?  Since I’m super detailed, and I love spreadsheets, I started tracking my earnings immediately upon becoming a coach.  And I immediately came across several discrepancies to this simple 25% commission rule.  So maybe it’s not so simple, and why I decided to dedicate a whole article to commissions.  Below, I will outline the 25% commission discrepancies.  If you are not a detail person, and don’t care how you make your money or where it comes from each month, feel free not to read ahead.  This is getting into some serious detail, which I realize is not for everyone.

25% Commission Discrepancies

  • Subscriptions/Memberships

You will earn a 40% commission from a Team Beachbody Club subscription (think Beachbody on Demand streaming workouts).  So if someone purchases the Annual All-Access Team Beachbody subscription from your site for $100, you will earn $40 in commission.

  • Club Members

If a Club Member (anyone who has subscribed to Team Beachbody) purchases an item (except for the subscription itself) from your website, you will earn only a 15% commission.

  • Challenge Packs

A challenge pack is a workout program plus 30 day supply of Shakeology.  Depending on the sales going on in each month, you can earn up to 36% commission for each Challenge Pack sold.  So, for instance, selling a challenge pack on sale for $140 will earn you a $40 commission or a 28.5% commission.  Selling an Annual All-Access Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack for $199 will earn you $70, or a 35% commission.  The challenge pack commissions will be the same whether they are purchased by a customer, or as a coach sign up.  However, a challenge pack sold to a customer is categorized as “Retail Commission” and a challenge pack sold as a coach sign up is categorized as a “Fast Start Bonus.”

  • Personally Sponsored Coaches

If one of your personally sponsored coaches orders something, you do not earn ANY commission, because they have most likely purchased it from their coach account…UNLESS it is a subscription or a subscription renewal.  If one of your personally sponsored coaches subscribes to Team Beachbody or renews their subscription, you will earn a 40% commission from their subscription or renewal.

  • Leads

If you qualify for un-paid leads through the lead program (more on that later), you will not receive any commissions from that lead’s purchase.  If you qualify for paid leads, you will receive a commission based on their purchase and the guidelines above

I hope you found this useful.  It’s a big decision to become a coach, and the more information you have, the better you’ll feel about the decision you make.  I am so glad I said “yes!” to become a coach, and I’d love to share this opportunity and everything I’ve learned along the way.  If you’d like more information about becoming a Beachbody coach, please contact me.  I’d love to tell you more about our team.


 Table 1
Description Commission Earned
Challenge Packs* 25%-36%
Retail 25%
Team Beachbody Club Member 15%
Memberships** 40%




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