day28It’s been over a week since I updated my progress, so even though I’m really tired and want to go to bed, I figured I’d go ahead and document this past week before I forget all about it (it was a busy one).

Yesterday was officially 4 weeks into the year and 2 weeks into the intense workout and nutrition program I’m following, and I really hoped to show an AMAZING transformation from both the start of the year as well as from even two weeks ago.  But that didn’t happen.  Because, oops.

Let’s back up and say that I KNEW this past week was going to be challenging, because I was planning to travel for work, which I did.  Two nights and three days away from home and in a hotel.  Not as much in control of my nutrition or timing or anything, really.  But I had planned ahead, and decided to make the best of it.  So for workouts, I’d planned to at least have my rest day on one of my travel days.  I’d also planned to get up super early the day I left and get my workout in before I left for the airport.  Well…that would’ve meant getting up at 3 am, so…that didn’t happen (oops -1, Jenny).  The second oops happened on the airplane.  If you fly united in the morning, they have these amazing waffle cookie things that they give you as an in-flight snack, and I’m not gonna lie, I was CRAVING it – pretty sure I’m addicted to the things (good thing they only give you one), but yes, I did end up eating mine (oops -1, Jenny).

When I arrived to my travel destination, I made plans to go to lunch with friends, and they knew about my rigorous nutrition regime, so we went somewhere with a GREAT salad.  It was perfect, and after having them remove some of the ingredients, and dressing on the side (of course), the salad was right on plan (+1, Jenny).  I was able to stave off eating any snacks in the office the rest of the day, and even dinner that night, although dining alone wasn’t as much fun, I stayed on my plan, ordering another salad (this time with a croissant, because I was short on carbs) (+1, Jenny).  I also stopped by the grocery downtown to get bananas and peanut butter to put in my shake, and some kale chips for a snack at the office (+1, Jenny).

The second day of travel started with my shake in the hotel room (+1, Jenny), and then at lunch, I stayed on plan again, with another friend who kept me honest, with salmon and brown rice (+1, Jenny).  I had to skip the salad, because I was getting hungry, since they don’t put enough protein in those things!  A big slab of salmon protein was just what I needed!  That evening, I think I deserve a GOLD STAR for going out for drinks, when I only ordered club sodas and lime (+1, Jenny), a salad and only ate smoke salmon off some appetizers (+1, Jenny).  Even stopping off at a steakhouse, afterward, I really only ate another salad (even though I wish I’d eaten more of the steak – had I known we’d end up there, I would’ve skipped the appetizers and just eaten that)!  And a shout out to my friend, who after dinner texted me, “Come over, we have La Croix!” So, I managed to have a pretty social evening and still stick the plan pretty amazingly.  Shout out, really, to ALL my friends over those few days who really made it easy, and still fun, to follow my plan!

When I got home the next day, I was very tired from traveling, but my husband (as planned) was waiting to workout with me, so even though my eyes were so tired, they kept wanting to just close, I managed to finish the hour-long workout (thanks, Babe) (+1, Jenny). I managed to catch up on the workout I missed that Saturday, and still run 8 miles on Sunday (+1, Jenny).  I was down 2 lbs from the week before!  Then…my big OOPS happened Sunday morning, when I skipped breakfast, took the boys to church, promised them donuts, and once I got home, was so hungry, I ended up eat FOUR of those things.  Goodness. I don’t even LIKE donuts that much. Ugh.  I felt awful, even AFTER I tried to run it off with those 8 miles.  (-4, Jenny).

So all in all, if you were keeping score, I’d give myself a +3 for the week, and came out ahead.  BUT, I realize I could have done so much better.  And after all of that, I think I just maintained my weight, lost maybe a couple of inches.  Not bad for a travel week, really.  Can’t afford too many of those massive catastrophes though, so here’s to another week, and hopefully a progress photo next week!

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