A New Resolve

After giving myself two weeks of grace in the new year, this past week, I really dialed in my nutrition, my exercise, and I am so proud of myself!

I’d give myself a 90% on nutrition and a 100% on exercise.  The exercises I’m doing now have increased from 30 min per day to 1 hour per day.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make the time commitment for this, but I never missed a workout all week!  Enlisting my husband on two of those days definitely helped (I may have chosen my longer workouts to do with him, so that I knew I’d get it in).  Accountability, y’all.  And even on rest day, I ran 8 miles, because I still have one more half marathon to run this year.  I am very sore.  My legs, especially my hamstrings, feel like they’re going to fall off, but I know this soreness is a sign of future strength, so I’m digging it.

I say 90% on nutrition, and again, very proud of that, because usually when I start a program, by day 3, I’ve started down a slippery slope of cheating on small things, which turns into cheating on big things.  But this week, I hardly slipped up at all.  Which is impressive, because it wasn’t like my week was temptation-free.  I turned down a FREE lunch at work, so I wouldn’t go off my plan.  I avoided home-made chocolate chip cookies that my husband baked (except one, warm out of the oven, that he hand-delivered to me – I just couldn’t say no – hence the 90%).  But those darn cookies were around ALL week, and I didn’t touch any more.  I avoided cookies and dessert at a volunteer event, and I avoided cake and pizza at a children’s birthday party I went to on Saturday.  It was a good week!

And I’d love to say that because of all my awesomeness, I saw tremendous results, but the truth is, I haven’t, yet.  I’m only down 2 lbs, and I have a lot more progress to make, so I thought I’d see more weightloss (and to be fair, this week, I didn’t take measurements).  I know this is going to be a process, so I’m trying to just take it one day at a time, and do what I know will work, and just trust the process.  It’s only week one, and I have so many more weeks to go!

For now, for tonight, I’m going to celebrate my big wins – and the nutrition is a big piece of that!

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