day7They say you are 35% more likely to achieve a goal if you tell someone.  So they can hold you accountable, even if they never do a gosh darn thing.  It’s the fact that you know that THEY know.  So I’ve told at least a few people every single goal I’ve ever had.  And with this physique competition, I told a few people too, at first.  I’d say about 10 people knew, by Jan 1, 2018.  And I thought that would be good enough to keep me on track.  So I started the first week of the year thinking I’d go cold turkey and eat very healthy and workout very hard, because I knew others knew what I was doing.  But obviously, that didn’t quite work (see day 2-5)

So last night, I went live on Facebook and told almost 2,000 people! And y’all. I was scared out of my mind!  I’ve long since mastered my fear of going live on Facebook.  THAT, at least, doesn’t scare me anymore.  But I was scared because if I told LITERALLY EVERYONE I KNEW that I was doing this, then there was no turning back.  I couldn’t NOT do this.  And while I was talking, I had a lot of negative thoughts, about how I might fail (there are a LOT of ways I can fail), and how hard it’s going to be to share both the successes and the failures…

For instance, last night, I was gearing up to share my “transformation” from the first week of dedicated “training” I had done this year.  But despite my best efforts, my stumbles had basically negated any forward progress I’d made.  So there was NO real transformation, so there was nothing to share! Haha, that’s how ineffective last week was!

Again, I’m giving myself some grace, but y’all, having told ALL of you, there’s no way I’m turning back now.  And as afraid as I was on that live video (I watched myself later, fiddling with my necklace, nervously laughing – guys, I was SCARED), I have received nothing but kind comments and motivating encouragement!  So as scared as I was, I’m glad I put it out there, heck, put this BLOG out there, to share with you, because not only have I told everyone I know, now, but it seems like I’ve got everyone I know rooting for me!

And because of that, there will. be. no. nighttime. snacks. TONIGHT!

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